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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Anti-inflammatory effects of Electro Acupuncture: Part 3

And just a quick case study concerning the same topic of electro acupuncture and lung function. I started treating a patient with moderately severe asthma and exczema 2 weeks ago. He has had both conditions since grade school, and now is in his early 40's. He had never tried acupuncture but was desperate, since he was using his inhaler 10 times a day. I gave him two sided acupuncture beginning prone, with standard points for the lungs and asthma adding electro acupuncture at 23 Bladder for immune function. Then supine, again, with standard points.(Write to me if you'd like the point prescription.)
He was a profound responder. After one treatment he didn't need to use his inhaler and was able to play soccer again after months of having to avoid activity,
Asthma has always had the triad of bronchoconstriction, inflammation and mucous production. More recently (15 years maybe) inflammation is considered the most predominant component. And asthma treatment has changed accordingly.
In light of the previous posts on the anti-inflammatory effects of acupuncture, my patients' course makes much more sense. If the main mechanism of acupuncture's action was bronchodilation, you would not expect the effect to be so long lasting after a single treatment. Most likely the electro acupuncture on Bladder 23 decreased pro-inflammatory agents,( or other points as well.)
Practice info here.

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