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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good results with Acupuncture for a patient with High Blood Pressure

On a more anecdotal basis, I saw a patient today who has been coming to me for about 6 months to treat high blood pressure. He had no desire to take medications, and so was seeking some other alternatives. He is 67 and works in a stressful job as a taxi cab dispatcher. He had spent some time in Asia earlier in his working life so was open to acupuncture as an alternative.
He came twice weekly for 6 weeks and then weekly for 2 months. I treated him with classic points for decreasing rising yang, and also points that have been shown to calm the autonomic nervous system in studies, like sishencong and 6MC. We added daily herbal supplements in addition to the acupuncture treatments. In his particular case a Yin tonic was key. He now comes in once a month and has maintained his blood pressure in a healthy range. Here is a chart of his BP ( bit blurry, sorry!) It may not look super dramatic, but it's the difference between taking medications and not.

(To read more about acupuncture and my practice, please click here.)

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